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Links and information on fur and its trade


Fur is a natural product, a true gift of nature...  For more information visit:

For nearly 250 years, from early 17th to the mid-19th centuries, the fur trade was a vast commercial enterprise across the wild, forested expanse of what is now Canada.  For more information visit:

The Great Plains Moccasin Factory in Saskatoon, Canada and has been manufacturing quality footwear and accessories for 20+ years. Hand crafted moccasins, mukluks & accessories made of authentic sheepskin and top quality leather.

Photography for this site was done by Brin Dyer.  For more information visit:

Kings Furs participates in the SunDog Arts and Craft Fair in Saskatoon each year.  You can see our great line of products at this fair in early December each year.  Our display shows our fur gauntlets, fur mitts, hats, headbands, earmuffs, fur tails and fur keychains.

Blue Fox Headband - show
Coyote Fur Hat - Show
Coyote All Fur With Tail - show
Silver Fox & Blue Fox Headbands - show
Silver Fox Hat & Headband
Silver Fox Headband - show
Coyote Fur Hat & Black Fox Fur Headband
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